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Grant Thornton Limited can provide consulting services to analyze the viability of a company in financial difficulty.

A consultation may be requested by a secured lender concerned about the value of secured assets, or by the company itself when it is experiencing a temporary cash-flow problem. As a result of the consultation the company may be able to ensure the secured lender's continued support during a temporary crisis and/or may avoid having to file a Proposal or an Assignment in Bankruptcy.

Grant Thornton Limited acting as a consultant, will investigate and report on whether the company is viable in its present form or could be through reorganization.

The report may include:

  • A current evaluation of operations.
  • An assessment of options.
  • Cash-flow forecasts/budgets.
  • Recommendations of refinancing, closing unprofitable outlets, or sale of redundant assets.

When a viability assessment has been conducted, the secured lender may wish to appoint Grant Thornton Limited to monitor the implementation of the recommendations to ensure budgets are adhered to.


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